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 Base Tower Realizes the importance of offering different services to fit each individual customers needs. That is why Base Tower Contracting has services that cover virtually every area in the construction field. Take a look at the list below and see if BTC can help you today.

Base Tower can install, maintain, and modify your existing towers. We are fully equipped with quality of Engineer and Riggers.

Tower Erection,
Tower Dismantling,
Tower Painting and Maintenance,
Antenna and Transmission Line Installation,
Construction of Green Field and Roof-Top Sites,
Fence Work,
Equipment Shelter Installation and Testing,
Complete Civil Work,
CAD Solution.


Roof Top Cellular and PCS Installations

Base Tower can comfortably meet all your roof-top as well as green fields site requirements. From fabrication to installation, no detail is overlooked. Our construction crews are fully trained in all areas of roof-top/green-field  installations to ensure our customers that the project will be completed correctly, as it was designed, from start to finish.

Base Tower can supply:

  • Engineerial services for design and implementation
  • Fabrication and Welding to CSA and CWB standards/specifications
  • Antenna and TX feeder components and appurtenances
  • Antenna system and transmission line testing for all frequencies
  • Inspection services
  • Turn Key upgrading for new and existing Cell or PCS sites

Service, service, service

Whether your need is for work on one site or an expansive network, our professional field crews and project managers

stand ready to address your critical technical needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Antenna & Cable` Installation and Testing
  • Microwave Path Alignment
  • Existing Tower Analysis
  • Grounding Testing and Rehabilitation
  • Project Provisioning


Site Decommissioning

Thinking about removing some obsolete or no longer used equipment from your site or removing structures completely? Base Tower can provide complete site, tower and tower equipment removals and clean up. We have the expertise and experience to get the job done on time and on budget.


 Power Services

BTC offers sales, installation and service of standby power generator systems. From small repeater sites, to fully-grown PCS/Cell site, to full backup power installations for the central office, when confidence in your electrical reserve is critical.

We will install new construction or retrofit existing, from the most common generators to high-end sets and power transfer switching. We also offer follow-up maintenance contracts and complete repair services.

Our experienced personnel includes a service manager with 15  years of repair, overhaul and customer service experience with diesel, gas and LP6 engines. Our maintenance foreman is a factory trained, licensed commercial journeyman electrician. Our team of trained, experienced power protection professionals can give you the confidence that power is there when you need it, guaranteed, absolutely.

BTC looks forward to tackling your standby power needs. For more information please contact us.