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Since electricity is an important part of our daily lives and vital for the growth of enterprise, the electric power industry plays a major role in increasing our future quality of life and comfort. Ensuring a safe and stable energy supply, finding solutions to global environmental problems, and tackling the various other issues facing the electric power industry therefore requires a specialized yet comprehensive approach that encompasses fields such as the social and natural sciences.

Since our establishment, we are searching for ways to meet the needs of people and the environment. By bringing together our knowledge of economics, sociology, electric energy technology, and cutting-edge research topics, we are examining lifestyle and social trends, and exploring the future of the electric power industry.

Services Provided by BTC:

Base Tower Power Services division emphasizes exemplary quality work that repeatedly meets time and budgetary constraints and specializes in utilizing innovative technology to provide the best solutions, products and services to our customers.

Full-scale construction services that BTC currently offers include:

Power transmission erection and maintenance

General industrial electrical services

Fiber optic cable installation

New Construction

Service Calls
Emergency Services

Trained & Certified DC Power
Journeyman Electricians
New DC Power System Construction
Existing Power Plant Upgrades
Power Distribution Expansion
Plant Turn-Up & Test
Installation Audit & Acceptance 

Plant Audits & Site Surveys
Auto CAD Schematics & Plans
Scope of Work & Methods of Procedure
AC Power Distribution & Lighting

Tower Erection:-

Every job needs to be planned in phases. And each phase consists of various steps that are necessary for successful implementation of the project. Base Tower takes a very structured approach to handling the projects. Using each process as a base for the next we make sure that systematic planning of materials, services, cost and time is done to ensure successful implementation of the project.

The strength of BTC lies in its comprehensive capability. Using this diversity and resources, Base Tower provides services to meet quality and technical specifications as per client guidelines, keeping in view the competitiveness persisting in the global market.

Our ability is to offer the precise blend of services that our clients need. Planning, scheduling and project control are the principal reasons for the success of the overall management of our projects.

We are erecting towers and masts since few years but we are dam perfect in that. Whether implemented as antenna supporting structure or as observation tower, whether made of steel tube or of steel angle section - we provide a product that meets your requirements.

How to assist you:

  Project management (also turnkey)
  Planning, design and structural analysis
  Working drawings
  Erection of towers / masts (Installation by crane, helicopter, jury mast)
  Corrosion protection
  Aircraft warning lighting
  Maintenance and repair

 24 Hour Service
Cable Replacement & Repair
Equipment Replacement & Repair
Temporary Power Solutions


Short-Circuit Studies
A complete analysis is conducted to determine the ability of a utility or industrial system's components to respond to and withstand short-circuit conditions. Our engineers also pinpoint areas where capabilities may not be sufficient to assure reliable service, and recommend more economical solutions than outright replacement of over-dutied equipment.

Underground Distribution Systems
BTC's expertise in the field of underground distribution systems has been established through nearly a years of metal-enclosed and pad-mounted switchgear design and manufacture. Now, the experienced staff of BTC's Power Systems Services Division is available to help you in the engineering analysis and testing of your underground distribution system. A broad scope of services can be provided.

Distribution Automation
Using an integrated systems approach, Power Systems Services provides full range distribution planning, including automation. Customized solutions are developed to meet the switching, communication and control requirements for distribution feeder conversion. BTC's broad experience with operations, manufacturing, and component integration is the key to efficiently designing a system to suit your unique needs.

Power Quality Analysis
Because of the sensitive nature of sophisticated electronic loads, power system disturbances are becoming increasingly less tolerable. Through careful measurement and testing, Power System Services experts isolate and identify the types of anomalies, such as harmonic distortion, voltage magnification, and voltage and current imbalances that affect a utility or industrial power supply. Our analysis results in detailed recommendations designed to improve system performance and quality.

Reliability Analysis
A complete range of tests, system studies, and analytical techniques are available for customers who wish to maximize the reliability, efficiency and safety of their electric power systems. These analyses better equip engineers to evaluate options and make purchasing decisions that result in maximum performance at the lowest overall cost.

Base Tower is your choice for service and installation in the Construction, Power and Telecommunications industries. Our constant commitment to the highest quality workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction is our standard.

Wherever and whatever your needs may demand. We are a fully equipped, mobile installation, service and testing team of key, factory trained technicians.
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